Digital Marketing Companies With No Reviews Online?

Jamil The Carman
I have been approached by a couple of marketing companies on here offering to help me market my dealership online and optimize my website.I have tried to look them up online to see any reviews on the companies to have an idea of what other people have experienced but couldn't find any.Any thoughts?and how would you trust a marketing company that doesn't have any reviews or consumers' thoughts on its service online?
Allan Levine
See if they would be willing to work with you on a CPA basis. CPA = Cost Per Acquisition meaning you only pay for the "leads" that they are able to generate for you. Determining CPA and defining it will be the hard part. Things to consider: What does it cost you to generate a lead? What is a lead worth to you? What is a lead - a phone call, a web submission, a contact form.....etc.... CPA model is shared risk a good way to test out what a marketing company can promise to do. If they just want your money for no guaranteed results I would move on to another company or another avenue would be something like a lead generation company.
Jamil The Carman
Thank you @Allan will do
James Jalali

Hi Jamil,

You have nice inventory. There are few dealers in your area that carry similar inventory. To bring online traffic which is 80% of your type of dealership traffic generally, you need to have great online exposure, with very nice merchandising, and definitely competitive pricing. If you take care of these items you'll have traffic on your site. Just having traffic is not going to be enough; you'll need good sales team to convert online traffic to appointment. Then it comes to your financing team. You should be able to put all pieces of the puzzle together, from having the right inventory to closing.

Good Luck.




Kelvin Johnson

Hi Jamil, 

I think it would be a good start that you follow your competitors' footprints online. This means trying to leave a link or introduce your business to all places your competitors have links on. Or, you can google most searched terms or keywords then go to each of the top10-20 results and try to engage or post comments or submit guest posts. This can give your website higher visibility. I do it 30 mins everyday and expect views increase. It was an idea suggested from a friend in Philippines when starting your online reputation.

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