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Ty Bullard
what are you looking for your digital marketing person to do? I know that is a general question but more or less what is there job description and second question does it make sense to separate the digital marketing job from the sales bdc manager job? We have 5 new car brands and sell around 200 retail cars a month between all 5.
Grant Gooley
Hi Ty, This is should be a very long winded answer. Without writing an entire blog post here in the forum, I will say a few things about the Digital Marketing Job; 1. With a large volume store, I would say it's essential to separate the two positions. (BDC/DM) There is enough work for both team members. 2. The Digital Marketing position (From my experience), needs to be someone who has a background in full circle Marketing (Traditional & Digital). Without knowledge of the two, you are missing out in the power of combining new with old. 3. Very focused, analytical, creative person. 4. GOOGLE CERTIFIED! This is a must. (Google Analytics) 5. Understands SEO, SEM. 6. Multimedia experience is a HUGE plus! (Graphics and Video) Keeping this stuff in house can save big bucks! Hope these points help. There is so much included in this answer. I'm sure the community will help out here! Good luck!!
Lauren Moses
Ty, I think Grant covered this one very well. With 5 brands and that many sales, definitely considering splitting the positions or you risk over loading the one person you do hire and they wont enjoy their work and the work you do get from them will be of lessor quality. Make sure that for Digital Marketing though are good with social, just because they can do digital (websites, google ads, etc.) doesn't mean they know the ins and outs of social marketing. The longer I'm in the business the more evident this is becoming. Make sure you are willing to give them all they tools they need to do their job. If you hire someone and then hinder them with not giving them a budget you make their position pointless and they might as well just be a desk warmer. I handle all of our internet department; sales, marketing, our website, 3rd party sites, etc. I also am picking up more and more of our advertising, newspaper, billboards, etc. Every dealerships needs are different so get with any other managers and supervisors and see what they would like a digital marketing person to do (reasonably). As for the BDC, If they are going to be managing you will already know what qualities they need to lead. But they still need to be organized. Set goals for them so they can break the goals down and set them for the BDC reps. Hope that helps.
mark rask
Good answers by both
Lezlie Brannan
Ty, I do both here at our store. I could definitely make a case for separating the two positions when you are selling 100+ vehicles per month. However, I would make sure the two positions work very closely together. When your BDC manager and your marketing manager work in sync, you'll be able to get better results and track results more efficiently.
Megan Barto
How many BDC agents do you have? & the first question should be do you actually have a dedicated BDC? How many internet leads/phone calls (& does your BDC handle incoming phone calls) do you receive a month?

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