Digital marketing via Blogs versus Video

Brooklyn Scott

Digital marketing via Blogs versus Video - Which is more effective?

Derrick Woolfson

I think you need both. However, with shorter attention spans I do believe people tend to process video easier. So long it is both engaging and relevant. There is nothing worse, though than a dealer who still uses a stitch feed (photos) for their videos. 

Chris K Leslie

Stitch videos are terrible I wish they would go away

Mark Rask

video rules!

Roger Kalinowski

You really have to look at the overall goal and how that goal is accomplished across the internet.  I definitely like video and also the live video aspect as well as blogs.  It all comes down to quality, relevance and more but without looking into the type of customer your trying to attain and the current marketing being done to attain them, then you can't make further marketing choices until you complete your analysis. 

Most aspects of acquiring a customer include both of those strategies and more.  Rarely does a consumer impulse buy or contact a company on the internet by just seeing one thing.  Re-marketing, blogs, video, rankings and more play into this process greatly. 

I just put together a marketing guide that discusses many of these aspects and tried providing some solid tips to help salesmen and dealerships out that are either independent, just starting out or established.  I plan on going further in depth down the line in many of the aspects mentioned in the blog.

Let me know what you think here or on the site.  Appreciate the feedback.  

Bart Wilson

Video is definitely preferred, but does it pencil?  I mean, it takes time and effort to do video right.  What have you found that works really well with video and you find it's worth the time?

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