Digital Retailing - What Are You Doing?

Derrick Woolfson

For those dealers who are approaching digital retailing in the last week or so - offering home delivery, etc. - what have you done to both equip and prepare your staff? It is essential that your staff is acutely aware of how the process is to work. As the goal is to offer your customer peace of mind while trying not to interrupt their experience. 

For dealers who have started to offer these services - have you seen any impact? If so, what are some of the ways your handling the hurdles and challenges? 

Brian Nieves

One of the best thing we have done is to change the mind set of the sales consultants, from asking for an appointment to giving the customer all the information needed up front. (Lets work out the details before you come in). All our stores have seen a steady increase in submission this week, and we even closed a few deals via online chat. Once the customer arrived the vehicles where ready for delivery. All the customers did was look over the vehicle and a test drive. In & Out. Not all deals are this easy (Only a few so far) but the consumer we have dealt with this week also have a different mind set. We have been using a digital retailing tool for about a year, and our staffs are prepared. 

The best advice I can give is to make sure the sales staff understands the tools and when they do contact the customer its not a "How can I help you" type of conversation. These customer are low funnel customers and need to be treated that way.  Having the tool on your website but if you use it incorrectly when contacted by a customer will lose you some credibility. But for those dealers that are prepared it a great tool.


Derrick Woolfson

@Brian - that is awesome, and agreed. And even before facing the challenges of today, how many customers have dealers lost because they refused to do the above? 

Mark Rask

just making it available 

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