Discrepancy in Reporting from Google Analytics and Facebook?

John  Swanson

I was taking a look at some Google Analytics reports and Facebook advertising reports and came across a significant discrepancy. My Google Analytics tells me I drove 456 clicks to my website through social. However, my Faceboook reports tell me my advertising drove 685 clicks. Can anyone help explain to me why there's such a massive discrepancy and who is right?

Mark Hoffman

There's a few reasons this can happen :

1. Users have Javascript disabled on their browser. That's pretty rare, but there are some people that run that way.

2. User has cookies disabled. Same as above, but some people are paranoid.

3. User clicks multiple time from FB within a short amount of time. FB might record each of those as a click, but Google will only show one visit if they visit within a short amount of time. (Typically 20 minutes)


Tori Zinger

Thanks for sharing this info, Mark. What would you recommend as far as which number to pay more attention to? The lower one? Or an average of the two, maybe?

Mark Hoffman

I'd still trust Google. Both are probably accurate, but they are each looking at the data a different way. Google can do a better job of filtering out bots, users that click the FB link repeatedly in a few minutes, etc. Google also doesn't have any incentive to make any vendors number look better. FB, on the other hand, has every incentive to make those numbers look as good as possible.

Tori Zinger

That makes sense - thanks Mark!

John  Swanson

Thank you Mark! That makes a lot of sense!

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