Ron Henson
Who or what will be the big disruptors in the auto industry in the next 24 months?
Chris K Leslie
With Dealer Socket acquiring Dealer Fire I can smell a CRM/CMS integration that would turn things like Revenue Radar in to real time alerts. This is one partnership I'll be watching really close as I am totally interested in seeing this happen. I can also see Cox Automotive testing a Wholesale to Consumer fastlane approach. Whats to stop them from trying?
Grant Gooley
Customers. Dealers will become more disrupted, due to continuously changing shopping behaviour. Not being able to keep up with technology. Big dealers loosing business to the little guys who "get it".
Chris K Leslie
Grant, for some reason what you posted reminded me of this quote.. "How embarrassing…a house full of condiments and no food"
Grant Gooley
hahah Chris, thats funny.
Matthew Pavy
I would have to say that ibeacon technology would be one if the disruptors coming if not the biggest. Ibeacons are just now starting to see some press here in the US. They are being implemented in Europe now in the automotive sector mainly in the form of digital showrooms. I would like to think that dealers would begin to utilize this technology to extend their mobile presence to the lot. According to recent studies the autoshopper visits on avg 2.8 dealers now. A big change from what I was told for the last 5 years of my career, which was 1.2 dealers. Also 56% report walk-in as their first point of contact. What does that tell us? Customer experience Is more important than ever for retention and service market gains. Ibeacons not only provide a gateway for extraordinary customer experience but also data capture. Email me if you would like more info.

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