Do Novelty Items Like Honda Odyssey's On-Board Vacuum Really Increase Sales Of Certain Models?

Jason Courter
Do you want to be the first manufacturer to have as standard equipment the 8-track or the last? It proves who is innovate, cutting edge, and forward thinking. Whether it is in 1 model or still creates buzz for all of the products as Honda owners know what Honda has to offer in the first place....the key is to bring in droves of conquestable candidates to consider Honda that leads to other model purchases. My opinion of course.
Brian Miller
Jason, Please excuse my poor attempt at humor, it was NOT a knock on the Honda brand. I'm proud to say I sold Honda, and happy to say they are made in my home state of Ohio. I could have put the Chrysler Town & Countries Card Table & Rear Facing Seats "On the Table"...or I could have teken a "Shot" at the Shotgun Storage box in Ram's Outdoorsman pickup as examples. The question still is what is the impact of unique items on vehicles? Does it rais awareness for that specific modle, or help the who brand?
Jared Hamilton
I think your question is valid. I dont have any data, (and its a mistake to think as marketers that we always represent the customer) but I know that vaccum feature was a reason for my wife to grind me on NOT having bought her the odyssee. "see, that vacum feature would be perfect for us, we should have bought the Odyssee!" I figure there must be many buyers who feel as she does. Its probably not much different than having a special tool box built into a truck so yea, id have to say those types of "novelty" features do sell vehicles and thus lifts the whole brand.
Larry Schlagheck
Personally I think the vacuum idea is a bit hokey, but it did get Honda a ton of attention which will probably translate into sales. Think of Chrysler's "stow-n-go" seating. New and innovative features steal the headlines and entice shoppers to add another vehicle to their shopping list.
Ron Henson
I love you Larry, but I think the vacuum idea is pure genius! Think of the demographic of the Odyssey buyer. As men, we are naturally slobs. However, women (The wheelhouse of the Odyssey demo) like to keep things clean. As a guy who spent 20 years in a Honda store, I guarantee the vacuum will be the first feature shown and probably the one that closes the deal.
Larry Schlagheck
Actually it's opposite in my house: My car is the clean one (I'll leave it at that). Don't get me wrong, I think the vacuum is innovative, it just doesn't appeal to me. But then again a 45-year-old white male with kids in middle and high school isn't the target market. I think it accomplished the goal of getting Honda on more shopping lists . . . just not mine!

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