Do You Have Vendors that Overlap Services?

Derrick Woolfson

How do you handle vendors that overlap services? After reviewing all of our vendors, we were able to cut vendors whose services overlapped saving us a decent amount of money. Money that can now be reallocated. 

Mark Rask

that is a huge issue especially with multiple rooftops, We are trying to address this now


Derrick Woolfson

@Mark, agreed - just cutting one to two vendors can save thousands of dollars a month.

Chris K Leslie

I don’t have too much of that going on. But I do see things like multiple vendors having reputation dashboards and things like that. Seems like the core products keep adding more and more things. 

Mallory Hughes

This a huge issue for most dealers! 

Nakeisha Turner

Working on this now.I'm trying to build a baseline for some standard KPIs and then compare all of my vendors. I do know someone is going to get cut. 


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