Do you request and/or reward for employee referrals?

Kristen Tepper

According to this Dealer Refresh article,  people hired by referral are 47% more likely to stick around after three years, compared to 14% for job-board applicants. And furthermore - On average, referrals are hired 55% faster than candidates from a career site and 25% faster than candidates from a job board.

So I've got a few questions (as always):

  1. Are you currently promoting employee referrals by informing your team maybe via email that there is a new position open and to let their friends know, maybe even give out a bonus if their friend is hired and then stays on for 90+ days?
  2. Do you think your company (dealership) culture itself promotes employee referrals?
  3. How often do you feel you're looking for new staff? Monthly, weekly, quarterly, daily?
  4. Do you think your dealership would benefit from a simple employee referral program? 
Kristen Tepper

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