Do you run Black Friday Sales?

Chris Speer
Here at my dealership we are considering running a black Friday sale as we are located in front of a busy Mall. We haven't typically run these sales and we are considering several options including TV giveaways and gift cards but I'm curious who has had any luck with these types of sales and what you might suggest we try. Thanks for the help!
Dustin Lyons
I definitely think it is a great idea, the car business historically hasn't been that invalid with black friday sales until recently, but I think it has been very successful. I was talking with a GM the other day and they were talking about how their November has been one of their better months in the last few years than it had been in the past. I know that Toyota and many other manufacturers have jumped on the black friday bandwagon. If you look at what most people are trampling over others for on black friday it is usually stuff like electronics etc... so a TV giveaway would probably be very effective. A nice TV with every purchase or something like a contest would probably work well.
Christopher Murray
How about offering $1,000 cash on delivery for anyone that buys that day or the next?
Dara Moore
We have run Black Friday ads the entire week leading up to it. Previously on Black Friday we have offered a staggered savings, the earlier you come the better as well as a mall gift card with purchase that day. This year we are changing it up and every test drive on certain models we are pushing leading up to Thanksgiving/Black gets a gift card. That way the consumer has "more money to spend at the mall on Black Friday".
Lauren Moses
Ok SO I know that this is about Black Friday. But....Have you ever heard of Small Business Saturday? It is the day after Black Friday and is a great way to leverage a sale on a Saturday if you are a smaller dealership. Especially if you still have the original owner running the business like our dealership does. Dustin makes a great point about look at what everyone fights for most...electronics and toys! Maybe also turn it not so much on what they can get, but what they can give. If they bring in a toy and take a test drive then they get so much off their vehicle. Think about this...They are out black friday shopping. How easy is it to pick up a $20 toy that is now on sale for $5 because of it being Black friday. They finish shopping, you have food, drinks, etc. available. They stop by take a quick test drive, turn in their toy and get an extra $1000 of their vehicle. You in turn get to hand over a ton of toys to a local shelter or maybe an angel tree to help other kids out for Christmas.
Dustin Lyons
Lauren, I love the idea of having people donate toys etc...

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