Do you use retargeting?

Linda Loepker
I am hoping to add this to our online presentation, but would love to hear from dealerships who have used it. Did you see results? Thanks!
Sean Welsh
Linda Here is the thing about Remarketing/Retargeting its the long game side of digital advertising. It takes time and money to build your network and then from there its even harder to see tangiable results right away. I tell my clients all the time if you dont have 90 days plus to spend the money and expcet very little then its not for you. There is certainly upside it just takes time and focus along with a close eye on the Analytics. On top of that the creative and message is probaly the most important thing to seeing results with these types of programs How well do you do with PPC and SEO? What percentage of the budget is dedicated to website marketing? Are you overseeing stores with OEM based products your are considering or are you looking at other firms to handle this for you? I would be happy to offer more guidance at your request just message me with your questions. Thanks Sean
Shaun Weissman
Retargeting is a brilliant want to conquest and convert people. If you aren't doing it you need to ask yourself why not?
Linda Loepker
Thanks Sean and Shaun.... I am sold on the idea. This is what we are being offered: We would "follow" potential customers who have been to our website or other "related" sites (, autotrader, etc) for 3 weeks. If that person does not do anything related to our target words, he or she would drop off of our radar. The 3-week period would be restarted any time their behavior indicates interest in a vehicle. I believe we can follow for however long of a time we wish. I'm guessing our target words will have to be precise. Rates vary on length of contract, but here are some examples: 50K impressions 1 month=$500 3-month contract=$450/month 6-month contract = $400 per month 12-month contract = $350 per month. I know my boss will not sign a 12-month contract on this, but I'm hoping for 6 months. We can buy more impressions, of course. Do these rates seem reasonable?
Sean Welsh
Linda you are most welcome. That rate is reasonable but what is the expected click through on those impressions? The thing about impressions are they are easy to show big numbers for wow factor but without click through they are far less valuable. I always tell people we don't care how many people drive past our stores but more about the ones that stop on the lot. That's the same for impressions vs. Click thrus. Thanks and please keep this post updated with results or more questions as they happen. Thanks Sean
Linda Loepker
Thanks, Sean...... Would our rep share that information - about the click rates? It can't hurt to ask I suppose. I know this is a new package for them, so I don't know how much info they are going to have. They would provide us with analytics of course. Monthly. And they are on the same page with me that a very clear, concise message is needed.

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