Does anyone use DealerCMO?

Janice Petersen
We are like everyone else looking to get more leads, more traffic and sell more cars. We've been approached by DealerCMO. If anyone uses them I'd love to hear the good, bad and ugly. Thanks!
Michael Bilson
I see many Dealerships change lead providers or content quite often thinking this may be what will improve the bottom line. The real key is obviously engaging each and every lead to determine the value of the lead. What is your current engagement rate with your digital leads and what is the process of engaging them? I have heard good things about DealerCMO from mutual clients.
Shannon Hammons
They have tried to get us to use them. We haven't used them, but I haven't heard anything bad about them.
Robert Ehrbar

We have also been approached, but can't find anything on them. They have one local area (to them) autogroup testimonial on their website. It looks like they don't participate at NADA or Digital Dealer. No google reviews, 2 reviews on Facebook (one from an employee, and one other not involved in the car business. Nothing on BBB either. Not a lot to go on. Any updates from any of you? Find out anything?

Chris K Leslie

I know i've used that same wordpress theme on other websites ive built though.. =) 

Jason Martinez

Janice, I can assist you.


Jason David Martinez

Director of Digital Results

San Jose, CA 95113

O: 669.342.5014 x 5007 | F: 800.889.2132


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