Does Bing Advertising = Tree Falling in an Empty Forest?

Adam Shiflett
Do you use Bing/Yahoo advertising in your dealership? There is no argument that Google generates more traffic, but my experience is that Bing targets a different demographic. The audience tends to be people too busy or not technically savvy enough to change their browser or search settings. So they go with the default - IE and Bing. That said I've seen that Bing searches can generate a more profitable prospect. What have you seen?
Carl Maeda
I have seen the same thing. Bing clicks are generally cheaper The users convert into leads at a higher rate. And a higher percentage of the leads turn into sales. But Bing generates less traffic. My guess is that Bing is either better at filtering out bot clicks or a lot less people are running spiders and bots that click through the ads.
Parker Lukjanovs
@Adam Carl's comment is SPOT on. Bing generates less traffic but at the same time converts better because of the traffic that's on there. It's hard to tell if the prospect will be MORE profitable than the Google based search engine consumer though. I'm sure there's a study that's been done based on certain markets / demographics and profitability based on these factors and using different search engines. I'd be curious to see it.
Adam Shiflett
Thanks for sharing @Carl and @Parker. I had seen these results on my side and always wondered if they played out for others as well. @Carl - I'd love to see that study too. So does this mean we should be allocating more budget/energy to Bing? This is always my internal debate. If I focus on pure quality the answer seems like it should be yes, but I have to bow the the volume master as well.
Parker Lukjanovs
@Adam Well since the Microsoft Yahoo merger, it's now referred to as "Yahoo/Bing." Just thought I'd let you know :) But.......I prefer to do 80% Google 20% Yahoo/Bing, that works best for my market, but other markets are very Bing heavy.
Carl Maeda
Unless the client specifies otherwise, we will maximize client budgets on Bing because it does tend to perform better. The actual percentage varies from region to region.

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