Drip Campaigns

Travis Williams

If you are using drip campaigns what strategy are you using and how effective have they been?

Do you have different drips for service and sales?


Chris K Leslie

Do you mean Drip automation or stuff with tasks? 

Travis Williams

Drip automation for marketing.

Brody Dezember

I use a lot of "drip" type campaigns with one of my stores.  The difficult part is getting the information from my CRM to the email company.  Which "drip" is in quotes.  Because I have to export and upload data from the CRM to the email client I would classify this is automation.  Once they get the email and open it up and click something, then a drip/automation will begin.  However, I have to constantly update the database with new information from the CRM which is a pain.

Chris K Leslie

Brody, are you not utilizing the campaign abilities in the CRM? 

Carl Maeda

Brody, should the email company do this?  Many email programs, like mailchimp, have APIs so your email company can automate the data pull.  

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