Driving Sales for Who? Is driving sales being over run by vendors?

Matt Lowery
I agree a bit with what you are saying. We need tags or alerts separating sales pitches and press releases from actual objective content. I have no issues with vendors blogging here or posting in the forums, I have found some very helpful, but when its a blatant sales pitch or press release, it can be frustrating.
Larry Schlagheck
Chris and Matt - Press releases have a specific spot on the site (and that's not in Forums or Blogs!). If you see something misplaced, please let us know. As for sales pitches, we try to police that as best as possible. Once again, it's a wiki-based and open platform, so if you see something funky please let us know. Thanks to both of you for being active on DrivingSales.
Scott Nelson
Thanks for the feedback guys. We certainly appreciate your participation. As Larry mentioned, we do our best to keep the site clean. Receiving the volume of content that DrivingSales.com gets on a daily basis is both a curse and a blessing.
Matt Lowery
Ya, and like I said, I have no issue with, and in fact encourage, Vendors to blog or comment here. I want their perspective.... Although it would be nice if there was a way to flag people so we could see easily who works in dealerships, who for vendors or ad agencies. Right now when I try to figure out if someone has certain motives in their posting, I have to dig into their profile. Would be nice to have something in their title that reflects their position, so you can understand who is saying what.
Larry Schlagheck
Matt, we've just begun a major overhaul of the entire platform and this is certainly something that has been talked about (and I assume will be included). Keep the ideas coming!
Christopher Murray
I appreciate the vendor input because, in some ways, they have a macro view of our challenges and therefore a potential for delivering solutions to all of us on the retail side of our industry. A simple "color frame" around the posters picture or avatar like a green border for Dealer, Yellow border for vendor and so on. Just a thought.

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