Driving Traffic and Sales with Video Search

Autumn Buehler
With consumers heading to the internet before ever stepping foot in your dealership, how are you utilizing the new capabilities of Video Search?
Grant Gooley
Hi Autumn, great question! We all know it's only time before video becomes a very regular part of everyone's lives. Skype, Facetime and in the very near future Google Glass. The big question is how will it help us dealers make money? I have personally tried many different ways of using video to convert leads, merchandise vehicles, promote the dealership and SEO (which I think you are referring to here in your question.) We all know how important content is in any sense of digital marketing. Video being the most rich format of content you can't go wrong. We are currently doing a video walk around on all our new and used merchandise. Google LOVES it. As long as the videos are not "sales" oriented.. The video needs to be a "learning session" and not a sales pitch to get the engagement you would be looking for. Ive also used video to follow up on iLeads and didn't see the conversion rates I was looking for. I chalked it up to the fact that people are too early in the sales funnel to get a video response. Spam barriers when sending video links through email is an issue as well...Our conversion rates were better with basic email responses. What have you tried? Anything working well?
Autumn Buehler
Hi Grant Gooley, Sounds like you are on the right track! Our biggest successes have been the traffic to the dealership website for more information....which usually leads to the person coming down for a test drive. So, this really comes down to tracking the lead back to the source. Do you have or are you using phone tracking or asking people how they heard of you? And one of the biggest questions now....is your website mobile responsive for those using their Droid, iPhone, or tablet to do this research? Ever tried to go to a website on your smart phone that you had to play the "pinchy finger" game? So annoying! In fact, I usually just abandon whatever I was doing if this happens. And you'll see the same in your analytics.
Grant Gooley
On the work sheets there is a section that asks "Where did you hear about us?" It doesn't seem to get filled out all that often. Phone tracking yes, YouTube forsure has some success but definitely not the top referrer. I work with a large group of dealers, some responsive sites some are not. The ones that aren't are in the process! So important!
Pat McKemy
Posting a video about your services or any topic relevant to your business is one of the best ways to promote your business and bring visits and traffic to your website. Uploading a video with good content and good quality on sites like youtube, metacafe, slideshare, etc is used by most search engine optimizers.

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