Drivingsales Data

Chris K Leslie
Is anyone signed up for this? from the website I can't really see what the value prop is other than giving a bunch of access to a third party. Nothing against you guys (drivingsales) but I am sure you can understand my reservations.
Jared Hamilton
Chris - no worries on the question, its totally fair. Yes, there are hundreds of dealers signed up for it and literally hundreds more each month are added. However, we have not released it for general dealers... yet. We have built it as an enterprise tool only at this point, and will be rolling it out to individual stores in the future. All of the stores that are on, and are coming on, are parts of large enterprise partnerships that we have.The tool itself provides consolidated reporting along with additional metrics you cant get elsewhere and with some actionable analytical tools.... we would be happy to explain it to you and get you in for a preview but basically the site you are seeing is set up to act as a doorway for our enterprise partnerships. It will be launching for the general public at a later time. The website you have found is super sparse. Its not meant to be hidden, but its not meant to be a marketing piece with an explanation of what we do yet either. We will send you a private message and if you like we can jump on a call and explain it to you. Its pretty sweet, you will love it!
Sean Welsh
Chris thanks so much for showing us this site and Jared thanks for the quick explanation on how you to intend to use it. My question is jared will you allow a dealer partner or firm like mine to use the product for our various clients at one time with an enterprise login? I ask because I could see how this site could help my company help our clients collect and interpret data faster and more efficiently then we do now. I would also be interested to see the data sets you are collecting and analyzing for cars.com,autotrader,TPL and websites along with what averages you are seeing for those various KPI's. If possible I would love to see more at #DSES14 or on a call before the conference. Thanks again chris for alerting us to this site Thanks Sean
David Kain
Chris, I can vouch for the quality of the information that DrivingSales is providing for our Internet Manager 20 Groups. It's nicely organized and provides comparative data to build confidence in making decisions. I like your title as Head of Digital and once you are involved with this I am sure you'll like it. Right up your alley.
Chris K Leslie
Jared thanks for jumping on and explaining what you guys are doing. It sounds really interesting and would to talk with you guys about it more. I like the idea of industry benchmarks with visual representation. David, Sounds really interesting and I think you are right with it being right up my alley.
Jared Hamilton
Sean - Yes, we can work with your firm on it. Ill have someone reach out next week and we can talk about the details. Chris - Ill have someone reach out to you directly to you next week too. Thanks for reaching out. See you all in vegas soon! j

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