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Ciro Collaro
Hi everybody! I'm a new graduate in marketing (in Italy) and i have been working in the automotive sector for a week. Can someone tell me something more about this community?? Thanks :D
Jared Hamilton
Ciro - Welcome to the community!What would you like to know? Here is a basis run down: It was started in 2003/2004 as a private community for a group of dealership owners & managers, was opened up in 2007 in private beta to a few hundred dealerships in the USA, opened in 2008 to any automotive professional that wants to join. The focus of the community is to allow automotive professionals to collaborate and share on dealership best practices. Mostly we talk about sales programs, marketing (lots of talk of web marketing), training, automotive news, managing and running a dealership. Really anything that can help dealership or other automotive managers. Welcome... we have dealership users from 8 countries! Ask any automotive related question, and we would really like to hear your opinion on topics, especially since you can bring some unique insight being from italy. Thanks for joining.
Ciro Collaro
Hi Jared, Thanks so much. Now I've understood and i think that it's a very good idea. I'd like to share my experience with you but i need some time to understand better this sector and this community can help me. Thanks
David Johnson
It's not what DrivingSales.com can do you for, rather what you can do for DrivingSales.com! LOL Seriously though, it's a great community of like minded auto people that want to share. Almost any question related to the auto industry can and will be answered. Its a great community with a great moderator. Take your shoes off, relax and feel at home! WELCOME!!
Katie Colihan
I got a chuckle from that initial comment :) I'm active (now) over here, and have been on Dealer Refresh, and I love being able to share my own insight and getting that of others. It's very humbling.

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