E-commerce/Digital Director?

Shannon Hammons
Trying to get insights from others on here about pay. I have been asked by a couple of people who are negotiating pay plans for advice. I know what mine is but not sure about everyone else. Their responsibilities are handling all "digital" vendors. They are in control of websites, social media, internet marketing, lead providers, budgeting for department, charting analytics and profit within department. They also run the BDC in their stores. Any ideas on what industry standards are for these responsibilities?
Mark Winters
It seems to me that by your description that this persons efforts effect every part of the dealership. So a pay plan should take that in to account. Consider a base + per car sold+ bonus on goals accomplished. The last part can be dynamic and should be decided by the e-commerce director and the GM and should be given a time table to accomplish. This could be focusing on lead gen, appointment sold, crm etc...
Keith Wilkerson
The job you have described is pretty vital in a progressive-thinking dealership these days. However you structure the pay, the person in charge of it should be compensated along the lines of his/her colleagues at the desk manager level or higher. Managing a digital/virtual showroom is arguably more important than managing the real showroom in this era of the auto business.
Megan Barto
Depending on how big your store is, this position should actually be 2 different postions. If you have a ROOM FULL of BDC peeps, you'll need someone to manage them directly and they probably won't have time to do the digital marketing end of things. How many new/used do you sell a month? How many rooftops do you have? What brands do you sell?
Dennis Wagner
Sounds like a lot of work for one person to handle unless it is a very small dealership. I would say their base pay plan should be just below a sales managers with a per unit bonus with the potential to make more than a sales/desk manager. That's a huge responsibility.
Mark Winters
The responsibilities of an eCommerce director (I should know, I was one for 6 years). will involve the entire dealership. I think the industry sells this position short of what it really is. If you were to create an Org chart, you would have a DP/GM at the top, then a GSM, and the e-Commerce Director. Below them would follow the Sales Managers and so on. Compensation should be similar to the GSM.

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