Edge5 Automotive e-mail Marketing--anyone use them?

Matt Dillon
Have any of you ever used Edge5 Automotive for e-mail marketing? If so, how long have you been/were you live with them? And what results are you comfortable sharing? I am generally NOT a fan of e-mail marketing campaigns (thank you CityTwist), however, these folks appear to take a slightly different tact, blurring the lines into something akin to an opt-in Display/TV advertising. It is interesting enough for me to ask the group for an opinion. Thanks--MD
Shawn Ryder
I would be interested in some feedback here as well.... how are they different in terms of email marketing?
Dan Ferguson
Matt - i met with them a few weeks ago and here are my notes: 50k deployed per week – 200k per month/ Market exclusivity by brand/ Campaigns launch each Thursday. They ask 4 survey questions to their opt in database of potential email recipients: o Make of vehicle? o Is vehicle 2012 or older? o What Vehicle do you want next? o Can we send you email? We like to target deeper than just those 4 criteria when doing conquest campaigns, though i do like the frequency and cadence of the emails. To be fair, we have not utilized them for any campaigns, so I can't speak to the effectiveness of the investment. Hope that helps a little.
Matt Dillon
@Dan, thank you. At least my notes are exactly the same as yours. Only question is do we run a test? Was hoping someone would push me over the edge. As it is the store looking to possibly run a campaign doesn't do any conquest, and is actually still running a print ad. So, I am all for moving the ad dollars. Just hate to be a mild guinea pig of you know what I mean. I'll try to update everyone if/when we move forward.
Zach Janes
Curious to know how many dealerships doing conquest email are using google analytics to track form submissions or 800#s to track calls? I know most conquest email companies say they can match their list to a sale but seems to me that if they're blasting 200K emails every month, or even 100K, there should be at least a hand full of sales that could be tracked back just because of sheer volume. Just wondering what the metrics are dealerships are monitoring to gauge success? Or, are you just depending on the vendor to tell you their campaigns are working? Would love to hear thoughts.
Mark Rask
@matt....keep us posted....we might try something like this

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