Edmunds Being Purchased By CarMax

Brody Dezember

I just read in Automotive News that Carmax was buying a minority stake in Edmunds for $50 million.  I don't have a lot of things going on with Edmunds in my stores, but our group has a good amount business with them.  

Does this make you question your partnership with Edmunds (if you have one)? 

Rob M

Sure feels like a giant problem for me. Not current an Edmunds customer but was considering it. Hard to imagine moving forward now, knowing that I’ll just be aiding an already huge competitor.

Morgan Hardy

We used to have a relationship with Edmund's but do not any longer. It didn't really benefit us to pay for their service. We do get some of the free leads from them occasionally. 

Morgan Hardy

I thought that Edmund's owned Cargurus. Am I wrong? Do they have any affiliation? 

Jeremy Sacco

Hi Morgan - nope, there's no ownership or affiliation between Edmunds and us at CarGurus. CarGurus is a public company, so ownership information is readily available. 

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