Edmunds Full Court Press

Larry Doremus Jr.
Edmunds is putting on the full court press to list our dealership as a "Premier Dealer". The NJ/NY area apparently isn't adopting them quickly as a direct 3rd party lead provider, so they are hard pressing local NJ and NY dealers to sign up. This raises a red flag. Currently, most Edmunds Ford leads in our market are purchased by Ford Direct and dispersed to Ford dealers. Once enough Ford dealers sign up, they will no longer resell these leads to Ford. My question to Edmunds Premier Dealers. Do they provide a decent ROI?
Dennis Galbraith
I'm eager to hear the answers to this question. Several years ago, Edmunds leads were regarded as very high quality. I wonder if that is proving out among dealers today.
Craig Waikem
One month we had horrible luck with Edmunds, the next month was OK. We have since canceled the program because it is subscription based. I would much rather pay by the leads/solds. Keep us posted Larry.
Bryan Armstrong
I've had great success with Edmunds in the past with the Nissan Brand. I just signed up with them at the VW point and have only had 1 lead in 2 weeks. I believe that the Branding and exposure, plus the ability to utilize the Logo has value.
Larry Doremus Jr.
I'm going to give them a try. They had a similar provision in their contract similar to ZAG and TruCar that allows them to scrub your DMS data. Be sure to ask for an addendum to remove that part of the contract. They use this information to power their pricing guide. Aside from our commitment to protecting customer information, there is a matter of principal with paying a company for services and providing them information that can be used for their profit. I'll update with results.
Jeremy Alicandri
Hard question to answer. However, in my experience with Edmunds, they are willing to work with dealers to keep the business.

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