Edmunds "Haggling is Absurd" Campaign Completely Bombs

Ed Steenman
The ads are off of the Edmunds site but you can see one here. http://bcove.me/tqh756sx This is one of the most offensive automotive advertising campaigns I've seen recently in that I think it flies the face of everything that the automotive industry has worked so hard to get away from. Yet there are several dealerships in my local market (Seattle) that run local campaigns nearly identical to this one for years so obviously not everyone agrees with me (so Edmunds campaign was not even original in that regard)Who agrees? Who disagrees and Why?In case you missed it here is a link to the original article from Automotive Newshttp://www.autonews.com/article/20141027/RETAIL07/310279961/edmunds-youtube-flap-underscores-tension-with-3rd-party-sitesapologies I see someone else already started this topic however I don't know if the formal apology had been issued at that time. so if anyone else wants to see the video or comment, my take is also about the fact that local dealerships run 'haggle free' campaigns so it's not just Edmunds.
Russ Chandler
Hey Ed, thanks for sharing. Just an FYI but the first link you provided is broken.
mark rask
thanks ed
Ed Steenman
you can view the video here http://adage.com/article/digital/edmunds-pulls-haggling-ads-dealer-outcry/295545/
Megan Barto
Thanks Kevin Frye for getting this taken down! :-)
Tom Banner
Outdated stereotypes? I don't think so. The four square box is alive and well as is the "talking points and the endless barrage of SHOUTING radio commercials and "speed speak" disclaimers at the end of the ad. Edmunds has become a place for sellers, not buyers. They should not have taken the video down. Those tactics are still in use. Dealers don't look good, I agree but they still use those talking points...."What do we have to do to sell you the car today?" I give them the answer and am told "even employees cannot buy that vehicle at the price you want" Guess what another dealer 100 miles away did the deal I wanted and it was not a great deal at all.

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