Edmunds is replicating one lead to 3 dealers. Anyone else bothered by this?

Wendy Lowen
We submitted a test lead the other day on one of our cars on Edmunds.com so that we could validate what a customer saw, and our in box was immediately blown up by two other dealers. A call to our Edmunds rep confirmed that Edmunds corporate has decided that since customers might look at more than one car, they'd just go ahead and send that customer's lead information to 2 other dealers. They are proud of the fact that they are generating 3 times as many leads, however they did acknowledge that it doesn't result in more sales. Well, duh, that's because that one customer wasn't going to buy 3 cars anyway.My concern is that there's only so many ways to reach out to a customer and although my dealership sends one email and makes one call on that first day, the other dealers sent 3 emails each and Edmunds sent two messages. That's 9 emails alone in one day and I don't believe it's apparent to the customer who is who. If they recall it was my dealership they were looking at, they are likely to think it's all me who is blowing their in box up. Is anyone else concerned by this practice?
Wendy Lowen
Lauren Moses
This is very disturbing and though I am not listed with Edmunds, who is to say that its not also happening on other 3rd party sites? The auto industry is tough enough without vendors turning against the dealerships to make it even worse. I understand they have to make money just like we do, but how does that work out better for the customer, the dealership, and in turn the vendor themselves?
Wendy Lowen
I am most concerned about the customers. We recognized what happened because I can tell what email is mine and what isn't but a customer isn't always going to see that. No wonder they are hesitant to share their contact information with us. And no wonder 67% just show up to the dealer without contacting us in advance. And then we've had complaints because the car they saw online the day before has sold, but we don't get a chance to let them know to set their expectation that we'll have other vehicles to show them.
John Sevier
Edit:Wendy,I am signed up with them as well, and can also confirm they are doing the same thing to us. The bad thing is that we are signed up on Price Promise with Edmunds.com and the other 2 dealers that they are sending "our" lead to are not. I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention, and I will be calling our account rep right away.
Robert Karbaum
Yikes. Not a nice way to treat your customers. I wonder if anything is in the original signed contract that speak to this?

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