Effective Digital Marketing for Chevy

Drew Bettiol

Hello all,

What are you noticing as effective marketing strategies for this brand? We do PPC for CDJR and for Chevy but CDJR has been miles more effective. Trying to figure out if Chevy performs better in a different type of marketing or if it is a brand issue.

Chris K Leslie

Performing better how? 

Malay Sherasia

How much of your revenue is generated using organic traffic?

How well is the content relevant to the PPC ads you are running?

If the website of Chevy is not SEO friendly, then Ads on Google Ads may result into lower impressions due to poor Quality Score and thus ultimately resulting into spending more on auction.

Several dealers miss out the importance of Content while doing PPC and end up spending way more than what is required to bring same amount of traffic or create same amount of impressions with SEO friendly content.

Let me know if you need more details about the ways to reduce the CPC using the power of Content & Organic SEO.

Thank you!

 Malay Sherasia from YSFord!

Mallory Hughes

Pay Per Click Content and Ads are quickly becoming obsolete! Organic results lead to relevant leads and then translate to sales. The average automotive customer will watch 21 videos before they step foot in your dealership. If you have not yet looked into implementing video as a marketing solution, feel free to reach out to me! If nothing else, I can give you some helpful tips and tricks to get you started. 

Dane Saville

I'd strongly disagree that PPC is quickly becoming obsolete. When you create a granular architecture for your campaigns, creating dozens of ad groups based on hundreds of keywords, you can tailor your ads to match search intent and user expectations -- this can lead to CTRs in the 20-30%+ range. Focus on your Quality Score. Your Ad Rank is your QS multiplied by your bid -- so keeping your QS high will keep you more competitive without costing you more.

Video is an important strategy, but video isn't driving qualified traffic to the dealer site. Strong SEO, PPC, social media strategies are the foundation to driving highly qualified shoppers who've demonstrated an intent to buy based on various search signals.

Drew, I've not heard of specific marketing channels working for Chevrolet stores. Even if there were some anecdotal evidence, that doesn't mean it will work for your market. 

I'd say look at the channels that you're currently using. Without an agency partner who can set benchmarks based on their dealership network (the partners they work with), you'll need to rely on some third-party sites like WordStream. 

WordStream says the average CTR for automotive PPC is 4%. What does your CTR look like? 

They say that the Display Network average CTR is 0.6% -- again, how do you compare? 

If yours are lower, then you might want to reevaluate your architecture, review your negative keywords, review ad content, look at the landing page you're sending them to (possibly edit/modify).

Facebook ads for automotive - 0.8% CTR with a $2.24 CPC and 5.1% conversion rate.

How do your metrics look compared to these industry averages? Are you A/B testing your creative, language, etc? 

How does your organic traffic look Q over Q? Are you trending positively? If not, are you leveraging search query data from Search Console and Google Ads to create, update, modify site content from landing pages to URI strings? 

Look at Google Analytics to then see, if you're achieving quality metrics for the aforementioned channels, look at the bounce rate, time on site, page path analysis -- and if you have a subscription for heatmapping, monitor the actual onsite behaviors for your most valuable pages.

There's a lot you can do, and I'm happy to provide more details in a message so that I'm not continually bombarding responders with notifications.

So, to summarize: which channels are working for YOU?



Drew Bettiol

Dane, Average CTR Over last 3 months is 11% for our Chevy store. Facebook to me has been a waste of money. 3% CTR. I wouldnt say any channels are working if we have only gotten about 13 leads a month at most from spending $3,000 on each PPC Campaign

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