Effective Facebook/Twitter posts to drive organic traffic?

Dennis Wagner
I am usually the one answering most of the questions, but I just don't have time to help build a Social Media presence while I am training the sales staff for my client. I am asking for any and all help I can get. I am providing sales training for a Chrysler dealership outside of Lexington, Ky in a farm town of about 20,000 people with little to no social media presence. We all know how important social media is in today's market. They currently sell right at 200 units per month, and I plan to move to 300 within 6 months. Can you help? Effective Facebook / Twitter posts, promotions..etc .. Thank you in advance!Dennis Wagner
Lauren Moses
Dennis, I know that I already replied on facebook, But it's good to do delivery photos. You can do them as often as possible. I also always do a #motivationmonday post. Something that is a simple google image search and easy to do. I also post when it's one of our fan's birthday. I have just a google image saying Happy Birthday that I tag them in.
Shawn Ryder
Do they have a blog or similar content resources? Can work on schedule postings to those or product reviews of current models. If set up can have posts going on a regular basis (like every month for example) to keep it updated but doesn't require a manual post everytime.
Dennis Wagner
I just finished the day. Thank you for the suggestions Lauren and Shawn. I think they need a Social Media Manager / Internet Manager. I am just filling in for a long-time client at the moment. I will discuss options with the owner tomorrow. Thanks again!
Dennis Wagner
They don't have an actual blog, but I will recommend one.
Shawn Ryder
If they are open to having a vendor work as the Social Media / Electronic Marketing would be happy to provide some information!

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