"Email Blast"* - Certified Pre-owned specific

Paul Lappage
Has anyone come up with some killer creative for this type of email campaign, that's specifically CPO? I want to highlight the advantages of buying CPO, but I don't know how to incorporate this with our inventory in the best way. Should I... --- Build it like a template for new cars, and show a stock image of a truck, SUV, and car, with the lowest "From..." price, -- Just do a standard 'newspaper' listing of the most appealing inventory, or - Label the range something different like "gas guzzlers", "family SUVs", "something for the weekend", etc. to tap into customer need? Any insight guys? Any past successes with something similar? Thanks, Paul * The term "Email Blast" has been used solely for the purpose of recognition as part of our industry jargon. I can promise you that the final version will be a supremely targeted email that taps precisely into a group of carefully selected ready buyers!! ;o)
Evan Brown
Labeling them is a good idea, maybe label them to be specific to your target audience. I wouldn't use gas guzzlers lol but I think your on to something there. Couple more titles could be "Commuter Cars" - for fuel efficient vehicles. "Weekend Warriors" - for the midlife crisis convertable. "Get R Done Trucks" -for your trucks and tube vans... goodluck!
Robert Karbaum
This is my all-time favourite CPO ad campaign: http://i.imgur.com/1jNxBIs.jpg
Nicholas Fisher
I don't think this specifically answers your question, but one of my most continually successful email blasts utilizes the Pure Cars banner. I've use several different variations whether it is a trade based eblast or a vehicle exchange program or a used car special blast, the Pure Cars banner "click to evaluate your trade" has consistently generated leads. As a matter of fact, I launched an eblast at 2pm and as of 10pm I broke 20 leads. How many have become deals? As always, not enough. Not to hijack the topic, but anybody else using this tool?
Paul Lappage
Same Nicholas - it's something we try and do each month and it always generates some positives. It's important that responses are handled in the best way, though. I like that message of a "vehicle exchange program". That's what I need to work on too - getting creative different email titles and messages for this type of blast.
Lezlie Brannan
Robert, thanks for a first-thing-in-the-morning giggle!

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