Email Buyback Program

Spencer Gardner
I know there are plenty of traditional mail companies that will create buyback mailers. Does anyone know of one that will do this by email? I'm looking to create an email that estimates trade value and then subtracts it from the price of 3 specials (a truck, SUV, and car). Additionally, it would show monthly payments on those 3 special vehicles after subtracting estimated trade value.
Kevin Janz
Do you use a CRM?
Spencer Gardner
We have eLead, but I haven't found a way to automatically do all the math like they do with the mailer pieces (trade value, discount, and payments) EDIT: I've confirmed that eLead is working on something that may do this in the future... which means, who knows.
Shawn Ryder
What if you export the customers into a separate file, then used Excel to calculate the fields and the merge it in an email. Does that make sense? Should you need some assistance would be happy to help you out.
Spencer Gardner
Shawn, I'd be interested in running through that scenario with you on a couple customers. I'm not sure how to pull trade values into a spreadsheet and then get the info back into some email program. I've PM'd you my contact info. ps - I should mention that I'm good paying for something like this. I am just not aware of a company that does this by email. Thanks!
Chris K Leslie
I think team velocity has a program that does if you want to look into them

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