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Dustin Lyons
I am trying to gather some data for some comparisons, and I am wondering what results you guys have been getting in terms of email open rates, and actions based on those emails when you do an email marketing campaign. Looking for both info on your regular emails like follow up, etc... but also when you do a email blast for a specific event or sale etc... Thanks for the help.
Mike Gorun
Whichever route you take, make sure you take advantage of your DMS data to properly segment the recipients of your message for relevance. If you do that, your results will be FAR better than simply sending a blanket message to everyone.
Bill Simmons
Our email campaigns in the sales department range from a low of 10% to a max of around 15% open rate. These are campaigns that we are sending to potential customers based on trade equity mining data from the CRM. I see much higher open rates when sending service department campaigns. I just sent 3 different email campaigns for our Ford store and they had a range of 14.9% to 21% open rates. I never "blast" our database. Once we figure out our offer, I try and segment the data into groups and use a different subject line for the email. Such as "Discount Service Coupons For Your Ford Car" The next segment and headline would be for truck owners, another for SUV owners etc. Breaking down the owner base into these smaller groups seems to help.
Dustin Lyons
Thanks Bill. When I said email blast I guess I could have clarified, as doing an email marketing campaign to specific segmented lists rather than just blasting everyone because I agree with both comments above that it is better to have smaller more targeting lists with different subject and message content. I am guessing that the 10%-21% range depending on department and message is probably similar across the industry. Thank you for your input I appreciate it.
mark rask
Our crm measures all of our campaigns....we average 20% open rate
Dustin Lyons
Thanks Mark

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