Email Delivery question.

Greg Becker
1. How does your Dealership make sure your email messages are getting through? 2. How does your dealership address email hosting? 3. What type of reporting do you use, do you use them often, whats missing from them? 4. Any ideas to make this easier and better?
Lauren Moses
What Chris said, No way for use to track it. Though I wish there was since it would be super helpful.
Greg Becker
@LaurenMoses What CRM provider do you use to send emails back and forth with customers while maintaining compliance with your OEM's? Have you explored any other service like the ones Chris mentioned. One of them which I had not heard look s interesting and seems to be somewhat cost effective. Chris is correct in saying video is a great option and it does meet today's buyer on their terms.
Shawn Ryder
When it comes to tracking email delivery - our platform can track opens for the contact, link clicks and then once they land on a web site, what they look at when they arrive - thereby building a lead score... would this be of benefit at a reasonable price for dealers?
Lauren Moses
We have CDK's crm.
Michael Bilson
Converisca will send the emails out of advanced servers with over a 98% deliverability rate. We only measure success by engagement. Did the customer respond back or not is what matters. As you are probably already aware on average 25% of the content we are sending to our leads out of the CRM simply land in junk or spam. The reporting will break down lead type and source from all lead types showing you not only the closing % but also the engagement rate.

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