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David Zotti

Hi Everyone,

Been browsing Driving Sales for awhile but never posted until now. So Hi! I've been working with this dealership for about 6 months now, in efforts to revamp their marketing after leaving a store that did 200+ cars/month. 

One thing I implemented was Mass Email marketing through MailChimp in replacement of the CRM's platform. So customers can sign up via the website/social and we can send out nicely designed emails with proper CTA's, videos, and avoid spam. Because the mass emails internet sales was previously sending out before were very unprofessional.

In other dealerships I've worked at, we would send out an email maybe once every other week for engagement, maybe more if there we're announcements or upcoming events. That would have a high open and click rate (sorry I can't remember). But now this email provision I've delivered to this store has been completely blown out of proportion by upper management. I've advised them against these practices but they still want it done. At this point, magements 2 to 3 emails campaigns sent per week, at one point it was an email sent daily. These emails are basically engagement emails, deals, service offers, about a car, anything pretty much. There's also an email blast sent daily for a Weather Forecast that consists of a deal at the bottom, and no customers did not have an option to opt into this. If they opt into the email list, they get the engagement emails and weather forecast. 

This has really lead to high opt out rates and click through rates below 1%, I know bad. So I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts on these practices and what practices you find best.




Ricky Patrick

Show them the numbers. If they don't know the damage they're doing then they probably won't stop.

mark rask

Why not use the crm?

David Zotti

Mark, the CRM was hitting spam boxes a lot and we wanted some more functionality that email platforms offer but CRM's don't.

Having sign up forms on your site and social, plus beautifully designed emails can drive great results, when done right.

With this type of email marketing they want me to do, by industry standard it's considered unethical marketing because it's too spammy. 

Chris K Leslie

Yes it is and it's terrible. You shouldn't do it. 

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