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Chris K Leslie

Do you include payment options in your email quotes or just the price of the vehicle? 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, we give a range - but this was of great debate as they did not want any quotes sent via email, period. Instead, they wanted us to give a range of pricing (depending on the model they chose), and offer them to come in instead. We all know how that works. So one thing we started to do is checking where the customer is located. If they are outside of our PMA, then it does us no good to send the quote, no? We then go onto our competitor's website and see what prices they are advertising for the vehicle. As for those customers in our PMA, we take an additional $500 - $1000 off the price and give them a breakdown. That said, on another note, their concern for offering payment options is that it is entirely contingent on their credit, which makes sense - so, I was like we just have to offer that in a disclaimer! But not sending quotes at all, is arguably a mistake! 

Chris K Leslie

Isn’t it funny how people want customer to come in still but also want to not offer any information to do it. 

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