Email Servers: Do you have your own?

Craig Waikem
Do any dealers host and/or have their own email servers? As the dealer we would like the ability to manage all outbound emails to ensure our spam score would be the absolute lowest. Often email servers/CRMS are shared with multiple dealers, so we are at the mercy of other dealers eblast/email marketing. If you do have your own email servers, do you manage them yourselves? Is it difficult to stay white listed?
Chad Sabatka
We do have our own servers and manage them ourselves. However we still do almost all of our sales related emails through our CRM (elead) and marketing emails through myEmma. We mainly use it for internal company communications and external communications for corporate and management. We used to run all emails through our email server and it was not an easy task trying to keep us whitelisted.
Chris K Leslie
It's really a bit more complicated than that. I wouldn't suggest anyone tackle that monster when their are great companies who do an amazing job like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. You might look into how you might be able to partner with someone like Or consider spreading out your email marketing to various vendors based on type of marketing/automation.
Tony Wood
Our CRM has an integrated e-mail service. However, we do also have a dedicated webmail server.
Tammy Anthony Baker
Having your own mail servers are expensive and require substantial management and maintenance over the long haul. Not to mention an outage of any kind is crippling. Google offers a per user solution with fabulous uptime and rich features. You can use your own domain too. A smaller solution but one of my favs is xRM. They are a MS partner offering several additional cloud services and pricing that is a la carte. I agree with Chris on the Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or Contact Monkey. You don't want your domain to get blacklisted for blasting email. You basically send email on a two lane highway and if you create a traffic jam, you're get parked. 3rd party solutions use their own super highway to blast mail and track results.
Craig Waikem
Agree but with 7 stores, and a databse over 75,000 customers, the expense maybe worth it. Email marketing already has a great ROI :-). If we go with a 3rd party vendor, can I still have the CRM send the emails in and receive them? We would want the emails to be in the CRM history file of the customer.

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