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Chris K Leslie

Do you use code snippets to personalize your emails? What are some examples you can share?

Chris Travis

When I was in BDC and not a manager I started using more personalized. The ones we sent were like 4 paragraphs of stuff.  I started sending my first email as short and sweet. Thanks for the inquiry on the ... includes a sentence about something nice about the vehicle. What time worked to come in? Our hours then a copy paste of my contact info that said call or text or respond to this email even though it was in the signature. Oh and under the signature I'd attach a vin brouchure if they inquired on a certain vehicle.

I'm sure it would fail a mystery shop and my manager didn't like it at first but I showed I was getting results and he let me try it out then the GM pretty much said keep at it. If you ever dealt with mitsubishi their mystery shops are so horrible. It's like a whole page of nonsense and took us like 10 minutes to edit stuff and link stuff to pass them. Luckily you could usually tell from the VM what was a mystery shop with them. Never heard anything back from upper management about failing a GM, Chrysler, or Ford one.

When I became a manager I just pretty much let the BDC rep email first then do my personalized the second day. If vin showed they hadn't read it then I'd use it from my personal email and part of the signature was the copy/pasted opt out link to cover our butts. So many times our other stuff might have went to spam and they didn't get it. 

I don't know about you but if someone sends me paragraphs of stuff then I'm not likely to read it and I think a lot of younger people are the same way.

Mark Rask

we do this but not that well

Derrick Woolfson

We include our customer reviews in the emails. 

Mark Rask

The reviews are a greatidea 

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