E-Mail video response?

Jeff Persch
Can I get some e-mails from people that use video responses sent to me so I can see some examples? I keep seeing them referenced but haven't experienced them myself. jpersch@gmail.com Thanks
Parker Lukjanovs
I don't use them here, BUT I have in the past. Basically it's simple, if someone is interested in a Used 2010 Chevy Silverado. Basically, a video response is the same as e-mailing "Hi, I'm Jeff, thank you for your interest in our beautiful 2010 Chevy Silverado, it has blah blah blah options, when is the best time today that I can schedule an appointment for you to visit us?" However in this case you have your phone and you video yourself saying the same thing, but you're also in front of the Silverado and you can do a walk around already. It's best to keep it under 2 minutes. I personally used to do 1 minute long videos. I actually bought a small GoPro type of camera and had a hat clip and would do FaceTime type of phone calls with customers as well. I don't do it anymore, but it was semi effective a few years back.
Neale Martin
I sent you one.
Chris K Leslie
Youtube Capture is perfect for this kind of stuff. You can keep the vids private from anyone without the link too.
Parker Lukjanovs
@Chris I agree 100% this is a perfect tool.
Jason Stum
@Chris Nice tip on the YouTube Capture, can't believe I've never heard of it lol. Going to have to check it out! @Jeff just curious how you are planning to use video in your email responses. Is it a standard greeting video that's baked in to an automated template? Is it a custom video specific to each new lead and the vehicle they're interested in? Is it a thank you from the GM after a showroom visit? Anything else?

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