equity mailer

Mark Rask

I am not a huge fan of direct mail but I am looking for some recommendations for a vendor to do an equity mailer for us

Curt Campeau

Equity mailers are tough. It's almost impossible to find one that has all the pieces of the puzzle to make a good portion of the mailers accurate. Typically the response from equity mailers are mostly people that don't have equity... go figure, right? 

Other people may have had more success, but I typically don't recommend equity mailers. Waist of money in my opinion. 

Richard Rikess

Mark, did yo get me emails? Give me a call. 602-741-5114

Mark Rask

We have had some success with a few companies 

Chris K Leslie

If you’re looking for a couple one off things check out Sales360. If you’re looking for something more on going. Check out AutoAlert. 

Amy Hughes

At Experian, we work with a few fulfillment houses. Happy to analyze your goals for the campaign, talk options for your best list targeting, firm offer a credit, vs. multi channel approach etc. 

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