Experiencing a Mobile Shift

Brian Miller
We do and will continue to live in a "mobile" world. When you can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks or board a plane just by waving your iPhone (that's today and it's only the beginning) those 20% -40% numbers make perfect sense. As for a mobile specific web site, I do not recommend this "bridge technology" anymore as with the right web tools it is no longer needed (now there is a whole discussion point in and of it's self).
Justin DiPietro
Most of the dealerships that we work with see around 20% of their traffic coming from mobile devices. In regards to a mobile website, I believe it is important to first make sure you are using "rich snippets" to ensure customers can get your phone number when they are using mobile search. Here is some information from google on rich snippets: http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=99170
Max Katsarelas
On our website (Mojo Motors) we're seeing at least 40% of our traffic from mobile. We use a responsive design like Starbucks.com or Mashable which means our tech team doesn't need to manage two different types of websites. It also means the experience on desktop, tablet or phone is seamless. It also makes sense that we have so much mobile traffic because we send remarketing emails each day and most people are checking email on their phones.
Brian Miller
Right on Max, the responsive approach is the way to go! It's the "Kiss" approach to content management side of things. In a past life as a web developer we migrated a number of dealers to this approach with great success, combining responsive design with robust blogging style content and e-commerce (for the folks in parts to get into the action).
Isn't it ironic that now 2 posts on this string referenced Starbucks? Coffee and Tech go so well together....and not just for late night programmers!
Max Katsarelas
I didn't even notice the double Starbucks connection until you pointed it out!
Holly Kaplan
Thank you gentlemen for your comments. All good information. You're right Brian. The responsive approach is the right way to go. My intention included both old school and current, since landing data is method-agnostic. My apologies. What I should have asked was how much of your internet budget and time are you allocating in preparation for this increase in mobile visitors?

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