Experiencing Webrooming??

Stephenie Olson
Have you heard about webrooming? What are you doing at your dealership to fight it?
Michael Bloom
What is your definition of webrooming? Why would a dealership fight consumers from visiting their website, shopping inventory then coming in to make a purchase?
Stephenie Olson
@Michael I would define it basically as the opposite of showrooming- rather than visiting a store to see the product first hand and then ordering it online, consumers are spending hours researching online and eventually only visiting one dealership. So consumers are making their purchasing decisions based on their online experience. I guess a better question would be how you're adapting to this shift in consumer behavior and converting more customers? What are you doing to keep consumers from bouncing and offering them the most positive online shopping experience to drive them to your store and not your competition? A good resource... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4MUfqx5ZBs
Clint Jones
Well....I would say that this is the $1,000,000 question. The only dealerships that aren't experiencing webrooming are the ones that don't know what the term means. What SHOULD we be doing to embrace this shopper behavior? You work for the company that produced the video you sent us to...tell us what we should be doing.
mark rask
This trend has been happening for some time.
Patrick Nash
Having 360 walk-around videos definitely engages the customer and keeps them invested in your site. Having hi-res pictures that are easily to access and navigate is another must. Ultimately, this all leads to the bigger question of "why buy here?" What makes your particular store stand out from all the other stores selling the same vehicle? Providing informative and engaging content on your website (not being stuck with the same bland, generic, and duplicated content found on most OEM mandated websites) & social media pages as well as being extremely vigilant with your online reputation will help separate you from your competition.

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