Facebook Ad CTA's

Chris K Leslie

What CTA's are you seeing work better right now? I havent ran any messenger ads before and am considering running some. What do you guys think? 

Morgan Hardy

"Learn More" and "Send Message" have been the main two that I've been using. They seem to be going well!

Cooper Gruszka

In our ads we use the "Send a message to secure your voucher" bit. Make sure you have something in the ad that warrants reserving a voucher of course and refer to it when you go to set the appointment after all their questions are answered ("Are you ready to reserve your voucher?"). This really helps make the customer feel like they are coming in for a limited time deal that requires them to act NOW instead of continuing to scroll and maybe sending a message later.

Chris K Leslie

Do you use a dollar amount in the voucher? Like $500 off ? 

Cooper Gruszka

We use receive UP To  $4,000 over KBB for your trade (varying amounts) pretty regularly. That is what gave us our start. 

Now we use anything from stimulus relief ads to guaranteed approval with the aforementioned added in depending on how aggressive the GM wants to be. 

Morgan Hardy

@Cooper- I've heard some bad results from the stimulus relief ads. Are they working for you guys?

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