Facebook Ad spend...what are dealerships spending?

Jennifer Bourgeois

Trying to get an idea of what kind of budgets are being used for FB advertising?  I am spending about $800 per month.

Chris K Leslie

I think thats a pretty good budget. I range between 500 and 1500 per store. depending on the months promos as well as trying to utilize the various FB objectives that they offer. 

Something I am always trying to do is target best zips, demos and reach 60%+ of that audience during the month.

Brian Hart

We have been steadily increasing Facebook spend for a while now and have continued to find tremendous success for our dealers. Smaller dealers are around $500 and some of our large dealers spend up to $4,000. We predict these numbers to continue to climb.  

Brent Albrecht

Jennifer, I would agree with the posts above on average ranges, but the real answer is that it depends on the size of the audience you want to reach.  If you are in a rural vs metro market it can make a big difference.  Use Facebook's ad tool to estimate your audience size - I am with Chris Leslie in that I would budget to reach 50% of your targeted audience in a given month, and sometimes that is even high.  Assume an ad frequency of 3 or 4 will then give you the total impressions you can expect and estimate $5/M on impressions from there.  With all that, in a given month for our dealers, we are likely running anywhere from 2 - 6 different campaigns over the course of the month, each targeted to a niche audience to match the promotion.

Aaron Wyse

We actually have very good results spending minimal ( by comparison).  When a 3rd party handled ANYTHING to do with Facebook, the results were always lower.  Just like any posts that corporate boosts are going to be irrelevant.  Promoting the right things, and keeping your page relevant are the best things you can do.  One 3rd party was actually taking 100% of the Facebook budget and pocketing it.  Facebook is best if handled 100% in house.  Your growth may be slower, but the real results are much better. 

Brent Albrecht

Aaron, always rough to respond to a comment like that, but hard to believe that because there are bad vendors out there then all vendors are bad?  Sort of like assuming that because there are some 1 star dealers out there, all dealers offer terrible service, and that's just not the case.

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