Facebook Ads

Evan Brown
Are you using Facebook ads to drive VDP traffic? How are your CTR's? What are you spending weekly? Do you use them to point consumers anywhere other than your VDP's or SRP's?
Cody Jerry
I'd suggest creating landing pages that would reflect the offer presented in your Facebook ads. This gives you the opportunity to send them to the search results page for that specific model, and giving them more options to shop. Landing on a VDP will basically give them the option to contact you or bounce, and typically doesn't properly reflect the offer you'd have in your Facebook ads.
Bill Soule
I agree with Cody. I've run programs that linked to vehicle specific landing pages and also used apps to collect the lead on Facebook so the customer doesn't have to leave the platform. The app turned the lead into an immediate phone call and the leads closed at over 20%. I've run programs for dealers that have spent 1k/month and regions that have spent 100k/month. Doesn't matter - the info on Facebook is so specific, the leads close very well.
Dennis Wagner
I agree with Cody and Bill. Depending on how well your sales force is trained on the phones, but they usually close in the 20-30% range when handled correctly.
Evan Brown
Bill, can you give me an example of the apps you use to collect the lead or can you further explain? That sounds interesting.
Bill Soule
Here you go: http://bit.ly/leadgenapp

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