Facebook Ads Update

Caleb Niemi

With the new Facebook Ad Rules, most of our ads have been placed in the special ads category based on credit and financing. This has caused our ads to have super crazy fluctuations in cost per click. For example I used to get around 28-32 cents before the update. Now our we are about 48 cents per click. We have maintained the same strategy as before. I'm trying to figure out if I need to revise strategy and targeting or if this is just the new norm? Thanks!

Justin Threatt

Caleb, how are you running ads? Are you using backend advertising or just boosting?

Chris K Leslie

Can you post an example of one of your ads that was put in the special category? 

Caleb Niemi

@Justin Threatt- I'm using backend advertising. Using different targeting strategies.

@Chris K Leslie- Due to our website having mentions of APR and Financing is one of the ways that it automatically puts us as a Special Category Credit ad. 

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