Facebook: Ads vs. Boosted Posts

Dorsey West
In addition to buying ads on Facebook, you can also post content to your dealer (or personal) page and pay to "boost" it, which is essentially targeted advertising. For example, you could post a photo of a vehicle in your inventory along with some features and your contact (or dealer) info and then pay to have this post show up in the News Feeds of local Facebook users based on a specific location or other demographics, including age and gender. This is called a "boosted" post. Personally, I typically ignore Facebook ads on the sidebar, but I consistently read "boosted" posts because they show up in my News Feed. The costs for both are about the same, so we can pretty confidently do an "apples to apples" comparison here in terms of effectiveness and ROI. Has anyone actually sold vehicles or at least gotten appointments as a result of either paid ads or boosted posts?
Sami Aqqad
we have been spending some money on facebook, I don't think we got any sales from it I think what it does is helps you search engine ranking.
Veronica Frescas
Boosts have been effective for us. We've sold a couple of vehicles from inquires on the Facebook page.
john fontanini
The Jury is Still Out My team is not the greatest for tracking leads :( I think Facebook for now is Awesome for Building your Brand. Sami, Facebook posts don't help your seo or ranking .
Kyle Reyes
We've been doing a LOT of Facebook Dark Post campaigns for our clients and seeing spectacular results. Here's a piece I recently shared with quite a bit more info... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/facebook-dark-posts-ultimate-consumer-insights-kyle-reyes?trk=mp-reader-card
Lauren Moses
Dorsey, Have you done a comparison to your dark posts vs. boosted posts? Also Don't just look at the leads, watch your engagement and your post reach. I have a friend that social is all she does (she originally started out selling cars and worked her way into her own social marketing business). One of the best things that I have seen was a campaign she did that compared a boosted post vs a dark post and the reach they had. The dark post by far was much better in terms of reach and engagement. She also compared setting daily spends vs full campaign spend (I think she did a month on the full campaign). The full campaign spend was much more effective and had better roi. Just a few things to keep in mind. Has anyone played around with the new dynamic FB ads and had any success with them yet? I know they are still relatively new but from what I'm seeing they should be great for the auto industry if they are used right.

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