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Tori Zinger

I got an email this week from Digital Journal detailing a new tool introduced by Get My Auto. It's called Facebook BeBacks, and this, according to the press release, is how it works:

“When someone visits your dealership website and then navigates away, you can use Facebook BeBacks to track them and display highly targeted ads,” comments Get My Auto in its new press statement. “This ensures that you’re building repeat exposure, keeping your dealership in the minds of each website visitor.”

Facebook BeBacks works because it targets those consumers who have already visited the dealership website, know about the brand, and are interested in purchasing a new automobile. These are good, solid leads, and Facebook BeBacks allows the dealership to track them and nurture them through the sales funnel.

“With Facebook BeBacks, you can display ads to former website visitors, showing your dealership logo, current inventory, and even any current discounts or promos,” says Get My Auto. “This is a powerful way to turn those maybe buyers into yes buyers, simply by sticking with them through their sales journey.”


Thoughts? Is this any different than any other retargeting tool already on the market?

[Read the full article here.]

Mark Hoffman

I read their PR twice; I don't see anything in it that suggests it is anything other than retargeting. Dropping a FB pixel on your website then showing visitors ads when they hit FB isn't revolutionary. Sounds like they are likely showing ads based on the VDPs that were viewed which is worthwhile to do. My experience with my dealers is that it can be a cost-effective marketing tool, but it's pretty standard fare nowadays. I've worked with at least a dozen companies that do that.

Maybe it's because I come from an engineering background instead of a marketing one, but I wished vendors would just clearly state what they are offering, demonstrate the ROI, explain why they are better than the other guys and leave all the high-falutin' buzzwords out of it. I know..I know..then it wouldn't be "marketing". :D



Dale Ferrell

Outsourcing Facebook retargeting might be a good idea for a small franchise dealership or independent. Otherwise it would be very easy to train someone to do that single task. However, if retargeting is part of a larger digital marketing program (like SalesFence) then it may be worth looking onto for your dealership. Just make sure you are getting your money's worth. So many folks selling Facebook Ad management have a set it and forget it attitude. 



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