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Murray GM Moose Jaw
I would like to try a contest on Facebook to increase overall "likes" on our Facebook page. Any ideas? Feedback?
Lindsey Auguste
That's a really great idea. I've seen a contest on FB before, where the company offered a free dress to the person who got the most "likes" on a comment. So everyone who participated in the contest commented on the contest that they wanted to participate. Then, people would vote or support the contestants by "liking" the participant's (their friends') comments. The trick is you had to first "Like" the page (in this case, it would be your FB page) before they could like their friend's comment to support her. Brings a lot of traffic. For a measily little dress, the winner received 170+ likes. That's 170+ Likes to your page, and that was only for the winner! That's one contest version I've seen, maybe you could alter it to make it relevant to your store/page. Good luck!
Joey Little
Facebook actually discourages contests that involves users voting with a "like". They don't mind it if you use the "comments". You might want to check out these promotion/contest guidelines before putting up a contest; http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php But who knows, companies do contests all the time on Facebook and get away with breaking a few rules. Good luck.
Tracy Boggs
Check out socialups.com. We recently started using them and we're excited about the possibilities of increasing our fans by leaps and bounds. They have games that fans can play for a chance at winning prizes and alot more. If SocialUps is more than you're interested in spending look at North Social for apps that help with contest and more.
Lindsey Auguste
Thanks for clarifying, Joseph!
David Johnson
Joseph, Facebook is cool with a contest that requires a person to "like" the page first.

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