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Aaron Berg

We have started experimenting with live Facebook videos. Does anyone have experience with these and suggestions for the most engagement and interaction from your communities? Thanks!

Chris K Leslie

I would try everything. Work out the things you like and dont like. If you go in to something like that with high expectations you are going to be disappointed. Have fun with it is what I am really trying to say. 

Mike Blackmore

Hey Aaron,

We go live every Friday on Facebook, at first, it was a bit rough (dropped connections, set snafu's etc) eventually, we found our groove. 

We have gone into our service department and had our service manager do a DIY live video, we have had a jeep being modified in the shop and went live with the mechanics. We have taken some premier models out for a drive and let the engine do the talking. Live streaming from community events can be a great way to build awareness outside of your current demographic.

In comparison to Periscope, I will be interested to see how Facebook separates itself with the battle to go live as Youtube has seemed to fall back in the race.

Aaron Berg

Thanks for the feedback. So far, we have only experimented with videos in our service drive. We will branch out to sales and service once we have a better pulse on what works. I do think that this will give youtube a run for its money and probably has a better direct reach than youtube. I have not used periscope but wonder if my customers are even familiar with the platform. Any experience or feedback on periscope?

Tony Lopez

We have done 3 so far with myself & the owner & the engagment IS ENCREDIBLE!!!  Highly recomend at least once a week with FB LIVE VIDEOS

Mike Jeffs

What do you and the owner talk about during the live feed, Tony?

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