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Ben Stewart

Hi all,

We are getting tired of the lack of performance when using Facebook marketplace as posted by Edmunds, and their rather inconsistent chat program.

Any suggestions for good companies that offer Facebook marketplace postings that will allow me to use a chat program like GM Chat Lab?

John H

Hate to say this, as it is very off topic, but I don't know why people use Facebook Marketplace when Facebook's Advertising Platform is so much more effective and integratable.

It's been proven that Facebook messages get ghosted, which is why many people who express interest in marketplace postings drop off the face of the earth.

Pardon that my rant is unrelated... it's just sad to see dealers rely on it so heavily when there are so many better solutions.

Suzanne  Laine

We've had pretty good results with FB marketplace.  I also find the Edmunds Carcode an easy tool to use, since it integrates messenger and texting all in one place that you can use on a desktop.  Some people never answer back, but then again neither do most other leads from other sources.  I do believe that the way messenger leads are answered is important, as is follow-up.  

Ben Stewart

John H,

My customers are messaging on Facebook on a regular basis. Even without CarCode plugged in, we receive many message a day from the feed sent to FB.

That said, what other "better solutions" would you like to suggest from your rant?

John H


as a dealership, predictability is important. Due to how volatile Facebook Marketplace can be, it is the last place you should rely on as a lead source. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use Facebook Marketplace though.

The Facebook Ad Platform is the perfect solution to yield higher quality prospects, at a predictable and measurable rate.

I wrote a massive tutorial on running Facebook Advertisements HERE. Nothing to sell, no affiliate links, just pure HELP.

Brittany Alva

John's a huge help for dealerships in several different forums, I would 100% check his tutorial out; it's only going to help you, and I've seen it help many different dealerships.

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