Facebook Pages: Store only or Individual?

Randy Taylor
A recent topic started my thought train rolling. IF we allow salespeople access to Facebook, do we want them to ONLY post on the dealership page? I've maintained my own FB page for a couple of years and my thoughts have always been that dealer employees should "like" the dealership page so that comments can be made, and only 1-2 individuals to actually post as the "dealer". Having also maintained the store page, I have, at times, removed former employees so that disparaging or inappropriate posts could not be made. Obviously if salespeople are allowed to have their own page, the dealer name could not be used. What are your thoughts?
Lindsey Auguste
I think you've made a really great point about only having one or two voices speak as the dealer page. It helps maintain consistency for the fans and customers. As for the salespeople having their own page, it's hard to say how important it is. I mean, it's great for the business so that they can engage their own customers to come into the stores and interact with those customers online, but it's not necessarily more beneficial for them to have their own account just so they can 'like' the company one. Plus, are most people identifying that they work for the dealer anyway on their account? Their actions online, even if it's on their own account, reflect on your store merely by association. I think social engagement is incredibly important so it's a major question that you brought up. Maybe this really is where stores need to identify a social media policy, as Paul Potratz mentioned here: http://www.drivingsales.com/blogs/potratz/2011/04/21/does-your-dealership-have-a-social-media-policy (just in case others might have missed it). Maybe before you can make a social media policy, you have to decide what you want to get out of social media, and that might dictate your strategy of whether or not to allow different accounts. I'd be interested to know if one strategy works best for some, and the other for others.
Jim Bell
I would NEVER recommend dealerships or any business to have more than 1-3 people with administrative rights. It can only get you in trouble. I do encourage my guys to post links on their page to our dealer page or our website. I also encourage them to post links to that $10k and under cream puff that everyone seems to be looking for.
Jared Hamilton
I believe that the dealership needs a consistent personality to come through on their page. For this reason, this should be one person (maybe two) should be selected to consistently speak on behalf of the dealer. From there, I would get all your employees involved in your social strategy by providing rules and guidelines, a la a social media policy. Get them to share, like jim mentioned, items that are core to your brand and community. They can even post, as other people, on the dealership facebook page wall, that engagement is good. They can also help conversations along, but in the end I think only one person should be the "Face" of the dealership.
Randy Taylor
Jared, I agree about the one person, maybe two just because we all don't live at the office. I believe that consistency is just as important as a consistent message. At my previous dealer, I ran store page as well as one of my own. My page reflected the dealership from the pictures posted to the specials advertised. The page did carry my name, not the store name. But all links pointed to the store. It is a bit more difficult to run the store page where I currently work since Facebook is a blocked site. Fortunately, Hootsuite allows me to be able to post at work, but with basically no support from management or service, it is like swimming in glue.
Lindsey Auguste
Randy, I found came across this article that I thought might be relevant to your question here, providing some argument to letting employees access personal social media accounts for work. Hope it helps. http://socialmediatoday.com/eric-goldstein/289381/employee-usage-social-media-toy-or-tool?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Social+Media+Today+%28all+posts%29&utm_content=Twitter

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