Facebook Removing Like Counts

Chris K Leslie

Facebook is considering removing “like” counts from News Feed posts in an effort to bring a bit of peace and tranquility to the minds of its users.

Do you think removing the counts are going to make a difference? Or is it just another “Participation Trophy” scenario? 

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

I think it's great for people affected by Social Media and its perverse effect on youth, that are easier to influence. So really go sick because of what SM projects and it's really sad.

On the other side, I think it kills social proof for business though. This means a post with 2 likes (unless you click to count likes) will have the same weight as a 10,000 like post.

Victoria Dillabough

Instagram did this in Canada already - I think the idea is actually to have less of a negative mental impact on people. 


For us, we haven't seen a difference. We still get the same engagement on Instagram as we did with our like counts

Derrick Woolfson

@Marc, but wouldn't their algorithms still ensure that posts with more 'views' are still shown in more feeds/timelines?

Will this make people more paranoid/anxious about comment counts? Especially when it comes to Insta? I am not an "Insta" guy, but it seems that it is more about the likes than the comments. So by taking away the total "likes" I wonder if that will have an impact on the comments. 

Chris K Leslie

That’s a great point. I hadn’t thought of people moving to comments from likes. 

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