Facebook Special Ad Categories

Suzanne  Laine

Is anyone else having trouble with Facebook Advertising now that they have implemented "Special Ad Categories"?  Whether I'm boosting a post or running an ad, it's being initially rejected.  I've had to request a manual review each time.  These are not ads for financing or credit; just basic posts featuring vehicles with links and photos.  

Brittany Alva

If any of your links go to a landing page that even mentions the word payments/financing/etc, then the ad will be rejected.

A good workaround is to take them to a landing page that they have to click through again to get to a real landing page, but then you're asking your customers for 2 clicks and that gets iffy.

Good luck!

Suzanne  Laine

Thanks, Brittany, that makes sense!  As it is, I have been able to request a manual review and they are eventually approved--it's just a little more time consuming that way.  

Brittany Alva

That's good! I know some dealers are having issues never getting them approved even manually, so I'm glad it's working out!

Suzanne  Laine

I just request a review, and type "Not an ad for credit, thank you" in the field provided for more information.  Redundant, but effective so far.

Suzanne  Laine

Maybe it's because I say thank you.  Haha.

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